JOMLAUNCH Asia 2020 Recording

Kyle Gawley

From VC-backed Startup CEO to a Digital Nomad

Kyle shares a wealth of wisdom and experience how he was a CEO of a VC-backed startup in Belfast, Ireland that later took a different route of becoming and indie hacker.

Takuya Matsuyama

Solve Issues within Five Meters Around You

Takuya from Osaka provides a different perspective on how you should select your business ideas if you were to be a solo developer. He even advice against market research.

Asep Bagja

From Open Source to a Global Business

Asep operates a global business with clients from all over the world, where he provides an open source software for precision farm management called Tania. Asep shares how he is building a thriving business by open sourcing his product.

Fajar Siddiq

15 Years of Independent Digital Nomad

Fajar Siddiq used to tour the world for Duncan Toys as a pro Yo-Yo player from Singapore. But he taught himself designing and coding and has been living as a digital nomad for over 15 years. Fajar is also quite the influencer in the Indie Hacker and Maker communities with awards from Product Hunt, Hacker Noon and more.

Ryzal Yusoff

Building Your Side Project on Google Chrome Extension

After releasing a successful Chrome extension,, Ryzal shares his secrets to success. Ryzal also outlines his product launch strategy, to gain the most from ProductHunt, Reddit, Hacker Noon, Twitter and more.

Warren Leow

Building Your Online Business with Fiverr and Freelancers

Warren Leow become an independent children books publisher with the launch of It offers personalized children books worldwide. Warren shares how he is able to automate most of the business and building it using freelancers on various platform such as Fiverr.