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a bootstrappers' conference for us all in Asia!


Jomexp. An expression in the Malay language to invite to tag along.

Launchintransitive verb. To introduce to the public or to a market.


I am your host for JOMLAUNCH ASIA. 

I am looking for builders, makers, programmers, developers in the region who are bootstrapping in the software scene to come converge, meet, network, learn and grow together at

JOMLAUNCH ASIA is going to be the place where we talk about building a SaaS over the weekend, launching a product with zero marketing budget, juggling parenting with coding, moonlighting on our own product, hacking away with no-code platforms and many more.

It doesn’t take much to start something. But it is a lonely road to take. And peer support at JOMLAUNCH is what keeps up going.

If that is you, then I invite you to JOMLAUNCH ASIA happening this year in Kuala Lumpur!


The (virtual) Event

Combined with JOMLAUNCH Malaysia, it will be a week’s affair with the pinnacle of the JOMLAUNCH ASIA Conference.


Meet the awesome developers that will be sharing their amazing experience and stories.

Takuya Matsuyama

Matsuyama-san that hails from Osaka, Japan developed a note-taking app, where you use Markdown format to take down the notes. His app is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

Matsuyama-san has been very generous in sharing about his progress (and earning) with Inkdrop. He blogs it all on Medium, and also some sharing on Twitter. In his last tweet, he is grossing over $5000 per month. Not bad for a solo developer, one-man company.

Kyle Gawley

Kyle is a VC-funded entrepreneur turned bootstrapper who builds products for indie makers while travelling the world and living in beautiful locations like Thailand and Bali. 

He Co-founded Get Invited in the past and grew sales to $5m while working with events with Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferris. But then, he decided to go solo and currently bootstrapping Gravity, a SaaS boilerplate based on NodeJS, and is helping indie makers all over the world to launch products faster than ever.

Ryzal Yusoff

Ryzal is definitely a talented developer. Although from Malaysia, he now works in a startup company in the UK.

But wanting to generate some extra income, he developed ReaderMode, a Chrome extensions that allows you to eliminate distractions when reading articles online. It is also a better way to keep track of your research and readings on specific topics. Among other cool features is that it supports dyslexic friendly fonts for those living with dyslexia.

Asep Bagja Priandana

Asep is a serial entrepreneur from Indonesia. Together with his wife Retno, he co-founded Tanibox a precision farming company in Estonia while living in Bali.

It was started from his wife’s hobby in gardening. They developed Tania, a farm management software, and released it as an open source project. Today, Tanibox is building a mobile app with a SaaS model on top of Tania code base and also offering customization for the enterprise.

Fajar Siddiq

Fajar Siddiq is a well-known community member in the portal. This pro Yo-Yo athlete turned entrepreneur, even won the Golden Kitten award recently as one of the most helpful members on ProductHunt.

Fajar has developed and launched a number of products on He now runs his digital agency, as a digital nomad, working from wherever he pleases, as long as he has the Internet.

Warren Leow

Warren has had a good number of years in the corporate and in government service, and now working in Inmagine (the parent company of However he has always had the indie hacker spirit in him.

Warren develops and automated all the process to deliver beautiful, customizable children books to customers all over the world.

Mahmud Ahsan


Mahmud, a Bangladeshi, definitely is a talented programmer and is always active to explore new opportunities. To date, he has over 14 million downloads across several 30+ apps. And he is also an author on Udemy with over 15,300 students. He was also featured on Admob as on of their top earners.

He is definitely making good earning online and has enrolled in the Malaysia My 2nd Home programme, which has strict financial requirements and now resides in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

More to Come...

We will be announcing more speakers that will be sharing their experience and stories at JOMLAUNCH ASIA.

Become a Speaker

A speaker has its perks and privileges. Share with us your story if you would like to speak at JOMLAUNCH ASIA.

Official Event T-Shirt Sent To Your Home*

Yes, that is right. We are sending the official event T-shirt to your home. And we plan to have them arrive before that event. Make sure you get your orders in fast. So when the T-shirt arrives, you can participate in the selfie contest during the event in November.

If you would like to a piece of the T-shirt, make sure you get the ticket that includes it.

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Since this the first JOMLAUNCH ASIA ever, we lowered the ticket price to our rock bottom price. 

Early bird promotion is only available until 30th October 2020. Make sure you get yours now.

Full Access

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The Overview

JOMLAUNCH Malaysia Week

23 to 27 November 2020 (Monday to Friday)

** Schedule and slots may change without prior notice.

* Date and time are based on Kuala Lumpur, GMT+8 timezone.

Morning Session

10am to 12pm (Monday to Friday)

Afternoon Session

3pm to 5pm (Monday to Friday)

Evening Networking

3pm to 5pm (Monday to Friday)


JOMLAUNCH Asia Virtual Conference

28 November 2020 | 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

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